Self Ticketing

NZES has introduced a New Zealand first enforcement solution which is our “Self-Ticketing Service” (STS)

Our STS is an ethical, lawful, cost effective, fully enforceable, and extremely efficient method of eliminating un-authorised or non-compliant parking on your premises.

Issuing enforcement notices is a far less confrontational method of parking enforcement than towing or wheel clamping, whilst still highly effective.

In addition to solving your parking control issues, for every enforcement notice issued by you that we collect payment for, you will receive a rebate from us as compensation from the collected enforcement notice payment.

Our convenient online facilities allow you to upload the details of newly issued enforcement notices and check the status of existing notices.

So Where do you start?

Following our simple Step by Step Guide to our “Self Ticketing Service”


Register for our service

Simply contact us to discuss which package is most suitable for you. All our packs contain warning signs, parking permits, and enforcement notice books. Full support from our enforcement office and compensation per paid enforcement notice are included in all our packs.

Once your order has been placed we will send out your starter pack along with a user name and password for use of our online facilities.


Display warning signs

Display the warning signs included in your pack prominently in the area where you will be issuing enforcement notices. If you require assistance to install these signs or suggestions on the best locations, our team is available to assist you.

We recommend you display signage at the entrance and then spaced out evenly within the parking area every 15 meters or so.


Issue permits

Issue permits to legitimate users of your land.

If you have staff or authorised personal parking within the enforced premises, your pack can also contain permits for you to issue for display in their vehicles.


Issue parking tickets

Fill out an enforcement notice and place it on the non-compliant or un authorised vehicle, under the drivers side wiper blade.

Ideally, you will also take a photograph of the offending vehicle to help resolve any disputes later, however if you are fair and reasonable we find many customers simply pay the fine as they realise how expensive and inconvenient the alternative of clamping or towing is.


Notify us

NZ Enforcement provides two easy ways for our customers to log enforcement notices.

Our online portal provides the quickest, and easiest method for our customers to process enforcement notices. You can access our online portal from any web browser.

Alternatively you can send us the pink copy of the notice in the post or by email.


It’s all up to us

Everything after this point is up to us. As an approved user of the LSTA Vehicle Owner register, we will source the vehicle owner details, send them a reminder, and follow-up letters for the payment from that point forward.

We will keep you informed with a monthly report of enforcement notices collected, and those still outstanding.

Our records are available to our clients for audit at any time. However, by law, as an approved user of to the register, we cannot and will not ever disclose to any third party, any vehicle ownership information.

Parking enforcement has never been easier.  Order your STS pack today.