Q. Who are we?

A.. We are a NZ registered business that provides its services to a range of private property owners, Lessees, Managers and other clients.  If you have received an enforcement notice, it is because you have breached the terms and conditions of parking at one of our clients parking facilities.

Q. Are private parking enforcement notices enforceable?

A.. Yes, private parking enforcement notices are enforceable under laws relating to contract and informed consent.

Q. Do we do Towing or Wheel Clamping?

A.. NO.

Q. I did not receive an Enforcement Notice on my vehicle, the first information that I received was a letter in the mail. Could I please get a copy of the Notice sent to me?

A.. Yes please contact us with your details and we will email you a copy of the breach notice.

Q. How can you justify the fees specified in the Enforcement Notice?

A.. The fees we specify on our notices are justifiable as they are a true and accurate reflection of the costs involved in providing our enforcement services to our clients. This is referred to as Liquidated Damages. Please note that this alternative is far cheaper than around $150 – $200 for Clamping, and upwards of $200 for Towing.

Q. What will happen if I don’t pay the notice?

A.. We would strongly recommend that you do not ignore the notice. We are legally entitled to issue your vehicle and the Owner registered to that vehicle with the notice if you have breached the terms and conditions of parking. We provide reminder letters and a generous payment period. Following this, if the notice has not been paid it may be passed to a debt recovery agency, which may increase the recovery costs to you, and ultimately may affect your credit rating in New Zealand.

Q. Can I appeal the notice?

A.. If you feel that you have a valid reason for not complying with the terms and conditions of parking displayed at the car park, then you can write to us to appeal the notice. Our contact details can be found in the ‘Contact Us’ section of this website. Please ensure you include the notice number and vehicles details when appealing.

Q. Why can I not phone NZES to appeal the notice?

A.  We require all correspondence via email so it is documented and can be processed correctly. We receive a large number of appeals and each appeal is read and considered before a decision is made. Often the respective property owner is involved in this process.

Q. As an owner, how much will this service cost me?

A. The parking enforcement notice service is free of charge to our clients. We recover all our cost from the offending vehicle. Other services that may be required are negotiable at competitive rates.