About us

NZES is a company dedicated to the enforcement of the terms and conditions of parking for car park spaces and parking facilities on private property.

We offer a ‘one-stop’ simple yet effective solution, absolutely free to the property owner or Lessee.

We cater to a range of differing parking facilities and related parking conditions. These include: Paid parking, time limited parking, visitor/customer parking, restricted parking, and disabled parking.

NZES’s management team has extensive experience in the parking and enforcement industries within New Zealand. Through NZES, we provide an effective and fair alternative to towing and wheel clamping which are often aggressive, confrontational and very expensive.

Car park enforcement by way of enforcement notices provides far greater control over the enforcement process for the property owner. Notices can be appealed and the property owner has the control to waive any appeals that are submitted. Enforcement Notices issued to the non-compliant or unauthorised vehicle are for an enforcement notice, excluding further follow-up costs should the vehicle owner not pay within the required time frame.

If you are experiencing parking related enforcement issues, then contact us to discuss ways in which we can be of assistance.

  • Parking enforcement that protects against un-authorised Vehicles
  • Complete Car Park Management Services
  • Safe Urban and Rural car park enforcement solutions
  • Now the preferred method to Clamping and Towing