Welcome to New Zealand Enforcement Services

New Zealand Enforcement Services (NZES), is today’s alternative to Clamping and Towing.
NZES provides a range of tailored carpark enforcement solutions enabling an effective, professional and customer friendly solution to parking space management.
  • Do you find un-authorised vehicles in your spaces?
  • Are you losing customers because of carpark spaces taken up by non-customers?
  • Are customers ‘over-staying’ their car park visit?
  • Do you want an alternative to the expensive and aggressive Wheel Clamping or Towing?
If you are a private or commercial land owner, a lessee, property manager or even a security business and need fast, easy and non-confrontational parking enforcement solutions, then our services are for you.
  • Non-Confrontational Parking Enforcement
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Ethical and friendly approach
  • Time saving
  • Complete Parking Control


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